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Solar Panel Installation

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Our solar panel specialists have the experience needed to provide quality solar design and installations. Over the past few years, Prime Solar Power has installed enough solar systems to equal taking over 200 homes off of the grid.

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Solar Design

solar design in New York

Add equity to your home while being environmentally responsible with a custom designed solar panel installation. By harnessing the energy of the sun, you simultaneously save on your energy bill while reducing your family's carbon footprint.

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Solar Energy

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Solar Systems for Business just make sense. Aside from a variety of available tax credits, solar energy systems reduce your building's operating costs without requiring virtually any additional maintenance. Make your business "green" today!

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Your Experienced New York Tri-State Solar Electric Service Experts

Prime Solar Power designs and installs custom solar energy systems to residential and commercial properties in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our solar panel experts have a wide range of specialities that, in combination, provide the perfect mix necessary to deliver high quality, efficient New York solar panels and solar systems. With experience in mechanical engineering, solar film technology, and photovoltaic electrical installation, our organization is uniquely qualified to provide superior solar services to the Tri-State area.

Solar System Benefits

New York solar systems

The cost of owning your own solar panel system has never been lower. With a variety of panel manufacturer and installation options, you can add a new solar system customized for your home. Solar panels convert the power of the sun into electricity for your immediate use. If not immediately used, your solar energy generation actually sends power back to your utility provider's grid, which rolls your energy use backwards. Over years, this can represent tens of thousands of dollars in electrical savings.

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Custom Solar Design

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Our experienced solar project planning, solar engineering, and photovoltaic installation specialists work together to provide your home or business with a custom solar energy solution. In our consultation, we will review your current utility usage and review your property for solar readiness. Afterwards, we will deliver our proposal, complete with financial projections and technical plans. We complete your installation, ensuring that you obtain all government incentives, and completely integrate your solar system for immediate use.

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